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transfer to VoIP, it's as simple as 123!

Break the shackles of your traditional telephone & harness the power of the internet. Ditch the copper based phone & go VoIP. Ditch the call costs.


VoIP (Voice Over IP)

VoIP allows you to make free, or very low cost, telephone calls over the Internet. You can call any telephone in the world and any telephone can call you – regardless of what equipment or network the person you are calling uses. Giving the control back into the customer’s hands with a specialist Internet Provider you can trust.

VoIP uses digital, internet technologies (SIP) many new features and services that were previously impossible using outdated traditional anglogue telephone technology. With DWB this means we can give you many free features such as voicemail, voicemails sent to your email, music on hold, call diverts etc.

We offer easy setup, onboarding and training, and 24/7 support
so you can get up and running fast.

Move your existing number to DWB

DWB Media can “port”, i.e. move your existing number or numbers to us (a communications service provider). This enables you to change a single line number into a multi-line number. For example, a single number on a single line can support one call, but once you’ve moved that number to VoIP, you can have many calls at the same time (as much as your internet connection can handle). If you move home you can still keep your numbers.

Please Note:  When you port a number away from your provider, they will cease that line and all its associated services, such as broadband. If your number has associated services, you will need to transfer these services to the new number before attempting to port to DWB.

Procedure to Port Your Number

To begin the porting process we require a signed GNP Letter of Authority and DWB Porting Form. These will be available to sign digitally after placing an order.

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