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Full Price List

Prices for all DWB services are shown below. Please scroll down or use the drop-down list below to find the service you require. All services are subject to the DWB terms and conditions, fair use and terms of service.

Email ArchivingEmail Spam Filtering£3.60
Incoming & Archiving BundleEmail Spam Filtering£5.60
Incoming & Outgoing BundleEmail Spam Filtering£4.79
Incoming ScanningEmail Spam Filtering£2.39
Incoming, Outgoing & Archiving BundleEmail Spam Filtering£8.39
Outgoing & Archiving BundleEmail Spam Filtering£5.60
Outgoing ScanningEmail Spam Filtering£2.39
Fibre BroadbandBroadband£27.99
FibreMax BroadbandBroadband£32.99
Standard BroadbandBroadband£15.95
Ultrafast Fibre BroadbandBroadband£49.98
Airwave 30+Airwave Broadband£23
Just the BasicsVoIP£6.99
Keep in TouchVoIP£11.99
Worldwide CallerVoIP£14.99
Anytime CallsHome Phone Packages£15
Weekend & Evening CallsHome Phone Packages£12
Weekend CallsHome Phone Packages£7.99
ElitecPanel Hosting£7.99
LitecPanel Hosting£4.99
PremiumcPanel Hosting£9.99
UnlimitedcPanel Hosting£15.99