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Teenager Daniel Bentley sets out growth plan for Crazy Web Service

WEB wizard Daniel Bentley boasts clients across the globe, is working on new products and services to help grow his business and still manages to find the time to study – all at the age of 16.\n\nHe launched web design and hosting company Crazy Web Service from his home last year (2013), after deciding to turn his hobby into a commercial enterprise.\n\nDaniel, of Barlaston, became interested in web design from about the age of nine after reading his uncle”s magazines.\n\nRealising there wasn”t much on offer for his age group, he launched a website for young people a few years later which at its height attracted 4,000 visits a month from users across the world.\n\nThe former Alleyne”s High School student continued to help friends and family eager to get online and now Crazy Web Service has completed work for the likes of artists, community groups and charities as far afield as the U.S.\n\nWhen he is not working from his home office, Daniel is completing an apprenticeship in business administration at PM Training which he says helps him get to grips with the day to day running of a company.\n

\nHe said: “I”m starting to get a lot of recognition. I”ve had local interest as well as contact from organisations across the UK and abroad.\n\n”After running the kids website I decided to go into business. I run Crazy Web Service in my own time and I”m also completing a business administration apprenticeship.\n

\n”I realised after starting the business that I was suited to something more hands-on than sitting in a classroom.\n\n”I”ve got quite a lot of work on now in the web design side of things and eventually I want to offer broadband and phone services as well as promotional products.\n

\n”I think they are areas of growth, areas of demand and they integrate well into what I am already doing.”\n\nDaniel, who lives with his aunt and uncle, is currently developing a shopping mall site, featuring a range of individual retailers.\n

\nHis growth plans include recruiting staff and securing grant funding. Now he is entering The Sentinel Business Awards in the Young Business Person of the Year category, sponsored by Beswicks Legal.\n\nHe added: “If I”m not designing or at PM Training them I”m on the phone or out visiting clients, making sure they are happy with the services and that they are getting the support they need.\n

\n”I don”t just like to send an email across, I like my clients to know that support is at hand at any time.\n\n”I set out all my price structures to my clients and we have a thorough discussion about what they need and what services they will receive.\n

\n”It”s important to be flexible and respond to each customer individually.”\n\nNeighbour and family friend Patrick Hartnett, who displays his fine art on his website ”creativeartnett”, said: “Daniel is completely self-taught. He is amazing.\n

\n”He spends a lot of time with his clients helping them with their sites but not only that, he gives computer lessons, he is a Staffordshire Police Cadet and he is part of Barlaston Good Neighbours.\n\n”He is not scared of work.”\n\nEmma Whitehouse, officeworks supervisor at PM Training, said: “Dan started in August and when he first arrived he had no confidence at all.\n\n”He was not the kind of person to speak up in a group, but since then he has transformed, it”s like he has grown wings and become a butterfly.\n

\n”He has overcome so many obstacles already, he”s a real example of success.\n\n”At PM Training he has completed a qualification in employability and personal development which helped him with his business admin, customer service and time management skills.\n\n”Now he is working with the likes of Signal Radio, and companies all over the world, he”s even in regular contact with Mark Zuckerberg.\n\n”I”ve been his mentor and tutor at PM Training and it”s been fantastic to see how quickly his confidence has grown. I suspect he will be rich and famous someday soon and I joke with him that he has to remember us when he is.”\n\nDan Canavan, director of operations at PM Training, said: “PM Training can help young people from all walks of life to launch their careers in a wide range of sectors, covering everything from construction to web design.\n\n”Dan is a fantastic example to us all, his hard work and ingenuity is inspiring and I”m sure his business will be a huge success.\n\n”We will be working with him to increase his turnover and expand his company, and I suspect he will soon be taking on apprentices himself and PM Training will be here to help and support his business with that.

Dan Bentley

Dan is a successful entrepreneur with a strong background in all areas of web development, online marketing, web hosting and IT. As the current owner of DWB Media, as well as a small range of other related businesses, Dan's enthusiasm shines through with his passion to help others understand and succeed in the world of online business marketing.

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