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Enabling your online presence to hit all the right customers.

Introducing Social Media Management

Social media is essential when making your presence known online. Each channel has its own standout features and it’s important that you have the right team to make you aware of the best ways you can appear online.

Engage with your customers and find what those online are saying about your business. And on top of all this, you can also use this as another opportunity for advertising, whether this is for a mobile application or even running a competition.

What social media channels do we specialize in?

Technical SEO

Reach out and make an impression on your current and potential customers with stunning and visually pleasing posts. Not only that, but we can expand your customer base by boosting your posts and promoting your social media page.

On-Site SEO

Hashtags, pinned tweets and more come in to play when creating a business Twitter account. With Twitter, it’s all about being short and sweet as well as getting your point across.

Off-Site SEO

If your business is all about visual representation, then Instagram is the social media for you as this is the channel where media is a must in order to succeed. The possibilities are endless with Instagram.

How do we do it?

It is important for us to make sure that we are marketing you the correct way, so all we ask from you is information on your business and how you would like to be perceived online.

Taking this given information, we perform extensive research on your competitors using our available tools and putting together an overall report on our findings.

After a meeting to go over the report provided, we will then take the next appropriate steps and this can be one of two things. The first being we get to work on creating the desired social media posts whilst tidying up your social media pages or we will get to work on creating your social media channels if you don’t have one, and then get to putting together the posts to get you started.

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