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Introducing Managed Email Marketing

Within our Managed Email Marketing solutions, we have two different options available, and these are our very own Digital Bird and the well-known MailChimp. Our professional email marketing software, Digital Bird, has everything to create the perfect email campaign and is so simple to use.

MailChimp is loved by many WorldWide and will forever be free. This is an option for those who are just starting out their new business or have only just welcomed the idea of email marketing in their journey to expand the business.

Digital Bird

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Our cloud email marketing software has everything to create the perfect email campaign and is so simple to use. Keeping track of your campaigns is just as easy and allows you to see how effective it is with simple to understand statistics.

Our software is Cloud-based, so it’s not required to be installed on any of your devices, so you can write to your subscribers on the go, anywhere in the world. As we have built our Digital Bird email marketing software from the ground up, we know all the ins and outs of creating the perfect campaign within the system.

That’s why we are proud to offer our email marketing software with the twist of it being managed by us and keeping you in the loop of everything that is happening. You will be in charge of all the content that you would like to be created and it will be our job to implement it.

Prefer to use another software?

For your peace of mind, we also like to offer an email marketing service with a well-known and trusted company, that is why our service also extends to MailChimp. Described as an All-In-One integrated marketing platform, MailChimp is an essential must for small businesses who are looking to expand to the world of email marketing via its simple and easy to use practices.

MailChimp has been created for the purpose of growing your audience and having the ability to find new customers with astounding ads and integrating signup forms within websites and even social media channels.

Are you taking your business online for the first time or expanding your business? E-commerce and retail come hand-in-hand, embedded within the tools supplied by MailChimp.

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