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Discover our superfast business broadband, with speeds of up
to 24Mb and priority uptime monitoring.

We can appreciate that, there may be questions that haven’t been answered below. So why not give us a call? 
After all, it’s free. Call now on 0800 123 1234. (Mon-Fri, 9:30am until 17:30pm, GMT)


UK Broadband Packages for Home or Business

DWB Broadband is available with or without line rental. Silent Line Rental is our cheap, no-frills service to run your internet connection.
DWB provides high-quality internet services, but doesn’t offer voice services. So, with Silent Line Rental, you can’t make paid-calls from your landline
but you can call freephone numbers, the emergency services and receive incoming calls.
You can always add line-rental later, if you just want to sign-up for broadband today.

Choose an option and check your line:


Broadband Reinvented For Families With Greater Demands For Speed.

Unlimited Superfast Fibre Broadband
optimized for home use with no usage
restrictions and high upload speed.

Free preconfigured broadband router
included worth £40.

High priority service level agreement
for faults and connectivity issues.

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We can understand how frustrating loss of connectivity can be.

That’s why we will escalate any issues
that may affect the uptime of your home
for immediate attention, if they should
fall out of our control.

More about our broadband packages & deals

DWB Broadband packages offer cheap internet access with high speed – you can expect speeds of up to 76Mbps (with a theoretical maximum of up to 80Mbps) on our Fibre broadband tariffs and up to 17Mbps (with a theoretical maximum of up to 24Mbps) on our ADSL broadband packages. The speed of your connection (bandwidth) is based on a few things, such as the quality of your line and the distance from your fibre cabinet or local exchange. Unlike some other providers, we’ll tell you exactly what speed your connection is expected to be before you even sign-up.

Fibre to the Cabinet (FTTC) broadband is now available across large parts of the UK, which means they will support up to 80Mbps connection speed. If you do not require superfast fibre broadband then most telephone exchanges are now ADSL2+ enabled, which means they will support up to 24Mbps connection speeds, however it’s quite common for some exchanges to still provide speeds of up to 8Mbps. Why not try our broadband speed checker to see how fast you can go?

DWB Unlimited Broadband gives you unlimited downloads for hassle-free internet access. Without data limits, you can surf the web, watch online videos and stream online music to your heart’s content – no more having to keep your eye on your data usage or unexpected excess data charges.

If you’re curious about your data usage, we’ll give you full details of how much data you are using via the My.DWB Control Panel (where you can control all your internet, billing and contact details; set up your free unlimited e-mail and website and a whole lot more).

Use of DWB Unlimited Broadband is subject to our standard Terms and Conditions and a fair use policy applies (designed to protect the quality service for all users from any abusive or exceptional usage).

All you need to be able to sign-up for DWB Broadband is a BT phone line in your property, that’s it! If you already have FTTC or ADSL with another provider, you can take advantage of a free migration with a seamless switch over, otherwise if you’re getting broadband for the first time, we offer a free activation on our Unlimited tariffs.

Everything else you could possibly need is included for a small fee or free of charge, such as any modems, cables and microfilters. In fact, we’ll even pre-configure your modem or router ready for your own connection (if you choose to get your connection hardware from us), so all you need to do is plug your modem in and start surfing the net! DWB Broadband is wireless friendly, so to take advantage of wireless broadband, just take your pick of the wireless equipment available during the sign-up process.

Minimum Term Contracts

Our fibre broadband tariffs have a 12 month contract. ADSL/ADSL2+ broad-band packages come with a no minimum-term contract so you can sign-up and enjoy DWB Broadband for as little or as long you like!

Free Static IP Address

Sign-up to any DWB Broadband Package you get a free Static IP Address. Whether you want to be able to connect to you computer regardless of where you are in the world, or run your own email server then a Static IP Address is for you.

Find out more about Static IP Addresses »

Free Broadband Migration

Switch your broadband from another provider to DWB free of charge and experience fast broadband from FREE!

Find out more about Broadband Migration »

Discounted Broadband Router

Sign-up to any of our broadband tariffs and you have the option of purchasing a discounted, pre-configured broadband router. Just plug in and you’re ready to go!

See our Broadband Router, Modem & Equipment Shop »

Free UK-Based Help & Support

When you sign-up to any of our products or services you will receive free UK based help and support whenever you need it. You shouldn’t have any problems with our products and services but if you do, our friendly DWB Help & Support team are just an email or phone call away.

Moving to DWB broadband from another provider is free in a majority of cases. If your broadband service is currently provided by an LLU provider, such as TalkTalk or Sky or a cable provider such as Virgin Media, then an activation fee of £24.00 will be payable if signing up to our Unlimited Broadband – Extended Coverage tariff.


We are in the process of setting up the company. Please do NOT try to place an order, we are not trading and no orders will be satisfied until further notice.