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Perfect for Landlords, Tenants & Students


Introducing Short-Term Broadband

Discover our Short-Term Broadband, with rolling 30 day contract for Landlords & Students.


It’s because of this that DWB has created a collection of packages that allow you to browse the web, stream movies & TV shows as well as play online games. No need to worry early termination charges. As it’s designed for Short-Term!

Short Term Broadband

Perfect for Short-Term Tenancy for Landlords

With DWB Media, we offer short term broadband for landlords allowing you to take 1 month free break in your agreement incase a change of tenancy.


Short Term Broadband

No Contract Student Broadband

Students rely on internet access. Be it registering for courses, receiving important news via email, downloading course content, researching your subject or submitting coursework, much of your work takes place online.

Combine this with your usual online activity and social networking, and it becomes vital that you have a good Internet connection available in your digs.

This is where DWB Media comes in with No Contact ‘Flexible’ Student Broadband.