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Business Broadband

Discover our Broadband & Voice Solutions for Small & Medium Businesses.

It’s because of this that DWB has created a collection of packages that allow you to browse the web, stream movies & TV shows as well as play online games. No need to worry early termination charges. As it's designed for Short-Term!

Cinque Terre

Small Business Broadband

Fibre & Mobile Broadband

With DWB Media, we offer short term broadband for landlords allowing you to take 1 month free break in your agreement incase a change of tenancy.

Medium Business Broadband

FTTP & Leased Line Options

Students rely on internet access. Be it registering for courses, receiving important news via email, downloading course content, researching your subject or submitting coursework, much of your work takes place online.

Combine this with your usual online activity and social networking, and it becomes vital that you have a good Internet connection available in your digs.

This is where DWB Media comes in with No Contact ‘Flexible’ Student Broadband.

Cinque Terre
Cinque Terre

Are you Ready for the IDSN Switch Off?

The technology behind traditional ISDN networks and public switched telephone ISDN networks are now dated. The maintenance costs are high and the networks offer inadequate security to protect a modern business.

In 2020 Openreach plans to start the process of switching off the PSTN and ISDN networks ahead of a full switch off in 2025. Openreach will be migrating to a full-fibre network.

This means Openreach can concentrate on improving its network without the burden of maintaining out of date networks that are no longer fit for purpose.

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Transform Your Landline to VoIP

Go Digital & Love your Landline Again!

There’s no need for you to purchase new equipment, we can use your existing equipment. You can even keep your current number.

With VoIP you can be anywhere in the world to receive calls 24/7. Regardless of where you are, you will feel like the caller is next door to you.

With our voicemail notifications you will be notified via email, meaning you can access your voicemails wherever you are.

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The Legal Bits

DWB Broadband packages offer cheap internet access with high speed – you can expect speeds of up to 76Mbps (with a theoretical maximum of up to 80Mbps and average peak-time speeds of 63Mbps) on our Fibre broadband tariffs, or maybe you are lucky enough to be in an area that has our blisteringly fast Ultrafast Broadband available to you, with speeds up to 300Mbps (theoretical maximum 330Mbps and average peak-time speeds of 290Mbps). Alternatively you may be able to get up to 17Mbps (with a theoretical maximum of up to 24Mbps and average peak-time speeds of 11Mbps) on our ADSL broadband packages.

The speed of your connection (bandwidth) is based on a few things, such as the quality of your line and the distance from your fibre cabinet or local exchange and possible contention in the network. Unlike some other providers, we’ll tell you exactly what speed your connection is expected to be before you even sign-up.

Fibre to the Cabinet (FTTC) broadband is now available across large parts of the UK, which means they will support up to 80Mbps connection speed. Ultrafast FTTP and G.fast coverage is growing, with several million premises expected to be covered by 2020. If you do not require superfast or ultrafast fibre broadband then most telephone exchanges are now ADSL2+ enabled, which means they will support up to 24Mbps connection speeds. Why not try our broadband speed checker to see how fast you can go?

If you’re concerned about your broadband speed, read our advice on how to fix slow broadband.

DWB Unlimited Broadband gives you unlimited downloads for hassle-free internet access. Without data limits, you can surf the web, watch online videos and stream online music to your heart’s content – no more having to keep your eye on your data usage or unexpected excess data charges.

If you’re curious about your data usage, we’ll give you full details of how much data you are using via the MyDWB Control Panel (where you can control all your internet, billing and contact details; set up your free unlimited e-mail and website and a whole lot more).

Use of DWB Unlimited Broadband is subject to our standard Terms and Conditions and a fair use policy applies (designed to protect the quality service for all users from any abusive or exceptional usage).

ADSL tariffs (Unlimited) These tariffs have a 30 day contract.
DWB Unlimited Fibre Broadband services (FTTC, excluding G.fast) These tariffs have a 12 & 24 month contracts.
DWB Unlimited Ultrafast Broadband services (G.fast and Full Fibre (FTTP)) These tariffs have a 24 month contract.

All you need to be able to sign-up for DWB Broadband is a BT phone line in your property or your postcode and address, that’s it! If you don’t already have a telephone line and you wish to sign up to ADSL, FTTC or G.fast broadband then we also offer Silent Line Rental for just £10.99 per month, with an installation fee of just £40.30. If you already have FTTC or ADSL with another provider, you can take advantage of a free migration with a seamless switch over, otherwise if you’re getting broadband for the first time, we offer a free activation on our Unlimited tariffs.

Everything else you could possibly need is included for a small fee or free of charge, such as any modems, cables and microfilters. In fact, we’ll even pre-configure your modem or router ready for your own connection (if you choose to get your connection hardware from us), so all you need to do is plug your modem in and start surfing the net! DWB Broadband is wireless friendly, so to take advantage of wireless broadband, just take your pick of the wireless equipment available during the sign-up process.

Moving to DWB broadband from another provider is free in a majority of cases. If your broadband service is currently provided by an LLU provider, such as TalkTalk or Sky or a cable provider such as Virgin Media, then an activation fee of £24.00 will be payable if signing up to our Unlimited Broadband – Extended Coverage tariff.

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