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Rural Broadband, with a difference

Airwave Broadband

New to 2019, our Airwave broadband has offered an alternative to the big broadband providers. Giving the control back into the customer’s hands with a specialist Internet Provider you can trust.

Discover our Airwave Broadband providing service to underserved areas or as a backup to wired connections, with speeds of upto 60Mbs even at Peak Times and priority uptime monitoring.

Airwave Broadband Serving Rural Areas Surrounding Staffordshire

Benefits of Airwave Broadband

We offer flexible contracts, so you are not tied in for long periods, as the super flexible service we offer means customer’s stay with us for the long term.

With Unlimited Usage, there are no extra fees when going over allowances like with other providers, rest assured you won’t be tied to data usage limitations.

We don’t require a telephone line, as we use state-of-the-art 5G technology, meaning there is no need for pointless landline charges. A VoIP phone & package can be provided if needed.

We are constantly reinvesting our profits so be assured your system will always be up to date with modern technology.


How does it work?

Our Airwave Broadband is delivered to you via a fixed 5G wireless connection. This is a stable consistent radio link made between your premises and our network. Our engineer will install a roof mounted subscriber unit at a high point on your house or building. This unit is configured to be pointed at one of our base stations as we deliver our services via this link.


Can I use my service during an power outage?

We recommend choosing a Backup UPS (Uninterrupted Power Supply) with your installation. This will ensure you get around *45 minutes of additional power in an outage.

*This is dependent on power usage of devices plugged directly into the UPS.