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Discover our Airwave Broadband providing service to underserved areas or as a backup to wired connections, with speeds of upto 60Mbs even at Peak Times and priority uptime monitoring.


Introducing Airwave Broadband

New to 2019, our Airwave broadband has offered an alternative to the big broadband providers. Giving the control back into the customer’s hands with a specialist Internet Provider you can trust.

It’s because of this that DWB has created an Airwave broadband service to reach areas that stuggle with speeds to allow you to browse the web, stream movies & TV shows as well as play online games. No need to worry about monthly limits or data charges. As everything is Unlimited!

It’s because of this that DWB has created unique packages tailored to you that allow you to browse the web, stream movies & TV shows as well as play online games.

Airwave Broadband Serving Rural Areas Surrounding Staffordshire

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Benefits of Airwave Broadband

We offer flexible contracts, so you are not tied in for long periods, as the super flexible service we offer means customer’s stay with us for the long term.

With Unlimited Usage, there are no extra fees when going over allowances like with other providers, rest assured you won’t be tied to data usage limitations.

We don't require a telephone line, as we use state-of-the-art 5G technology, meaning there is no need for pointless landline charges. A VoIP phone & package can be provided if needed.

We are constantly reinvesting our profits so be assured your system will always be up to date with modern technology.

Transform Your Landline to VoIP

Go Digital & Love your Landline Again!

There’s no need for you to purchase new equipment, we can use your existing equipment. You can even keep your current number.

With VoIP you can be anywhere in the world to receive calls 24/7. Regardless of where you are, you will feel like the caller is next door to you. 

With our voicemail notifications you will be notified via email, meaning you can access your voicemails wherever you are.


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